Best Way to Calculate Your Transportation Cost in Bandung


Are you going to visit Bandung? Already have chosen some attractions to see and made a short list of accomodation to stay but still difficult in predicting your transportation cost? Here are several ways to get around in Bandung with predictable fares:

If you want to use transportation mode in the form of car, you can open Yes, Uber service is available in Bandung now. As an application-based transportation mode, you can use Uber website to calculate your trip fare. You just type your pickup and destination location in the box and click the “Quote Fare” button. If you put the right street or area name, in seconds you will see the fare range. It is stated that fares may vary due to traffic, weather and other factors. The estimate fare shown does not include discounts or promotions, if you have one. There is also a route displayed between your start and finish trip, but it could be only as example although the real route will certainly not far from it. When you arrive in Bandung, you can make your Uber service transaction only by using your mobile device. The Uber application is available on Android, WindowsOS and iOS. Do not forget to prepare your credit card as the payment method. Unfortunately you can use Uber or even some brands of taxi from the airport, since it is still monopolized by the airport taxi. You can put Bandung airport name – Husein Sastranegara – as your pickup location, but your Uber car will not come at anytime. Sorry for that..                                                                             uber website


Need a cheaper and faster one? Use Go-Jek. This service utilizes motorcycle to take its customer. You have to install the application first on your Android or iOS device. Choose Go-Ride menu as there are eight other menus provided by Go-Jek. In the next screen, type your pickup and destination location. Just right after that, there will appear the fare and the distance in kilometres. Because it uses motorcycle, only one passenger could be brought by a driver. Other passengers with the same trip, have to use another motorcycle (as well as driver, absolutely..) with their own Go-Jek account and devices. This service will provide you with helmet and jacket during the ride as part of service without any additional charges. The price shown on your application is the real price and you have to prepare your cash in IDR to pay to the driver.


Beside those two services, there are also other brands such as Grab Taxi and Grab Bike. I could not explain the other brand further because I have not used their services. Now you can continue your trip planning to Bandung with a comprehensive budget plan, because you can put your transportation cost on it. Happy travelling and Welcome to Bandung. Wilujeng Sumping…


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